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"Life itself is a race, marked by a start and a finish. It is what we learn during the race, and how we apply it, that determines whether our participation has had particular value."

~ Ferry Porsche (1909-1988)


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For once, and one time only, I would like to see Barbara Walters host the New Year's Eve Ball Drop In New York City this next go around. No Dick Clark (RIP), no Ryan Seacrest, just Babs! RIP, Hugh Downs. I miss those seemingly much, MUCH simpler days.

I would LOVE to hear her say, when the ball drops,

"I am Barbara Walters, and THIS ... is 2020." ;)

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191010E2120  Nassau West Tiara - RECERTIFIED!

The Nassau West Department of Transportation is pleased to announce the, albeit partial, recertification of Nassau West Tiara, also known as Nassau West Two (when the Vice President is aboard).

NWDOT recently revoked the certification for long distance travel for the aging Tiara, due to electrical issues, of which there have been many. So far, the battery, alternator, and starter, have all been replaced, as well as some faulty fuses and bulbs.

On a recent trip to the Nassau West Embassy in Hereford, AZ, Tiara performed flawlessly. The return trip was loaded with various tasks which further tested the electrical system. Again, flawless performance.

The only concern on the trip was for the tires, which are more dry-rotted more than worn. The only spare tire onboard is flat. This will need to be addressed in the very near future, and the situation is the reason for partial certification.

Tiara is certified for trips (primarily south of the Capitol) that do not include high speeds for the majority of the journey. This is an effort to keep tire temperature as low as possible.

The next major project will be the complete replacement of all incandescent lighting with LED lighting. There are A LOT of bulbs in this beast ... this will take some time!   Comments?

Hey, dammit, where's the rest?!!

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October, 2019

05-06 Off
-- 05 @ NW Embassy
-- 06 @ NW Embassy

12-13 Scheduled Off $
-- 13 Working ... CANCELLED

19-20 Scheduled Off
-- 19 NW Tiara Bulb Inventory
-- 20 NW Tiara DOT Inspection

26-27 On-Call Weekend $
-- 26 Working ...
-- 27 Working ...

November, 2019

02-03 Scheduled Off
-- 02 No plans
-- 03 No plans

09-10Scheduled Off $
-- 09 No plans
-- 10 No plans

16-17 Scheduled Off
-- 16 No plans
-- 17 No plans

23-24 Scheduled Off $
-- 23 No plans
-- 24 No plans

30-01 Scheduled Off
-- 30 No plans
-- 01 No plans

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