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"Life itself is a race, marked by a start and a finish. It is what we learn during the race, and how we apply it, that determines whether our participation has had particular value."

~ Ferry Porsche (1909-1988)


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190616A1808  Whoa! Someone's Asleep at the Switch!

On Saturday morning, I had to reschedule my trip to the Nassau West Embassy to celebrate Father's Day (today). Happy Father's Day, Dad! Sorry, Dad. :(

I tried desperately to get the air conditioning working on Nassau West Two yesterday. I consulted the $30 Chilton's Manual I bought, I did research on the Internet, I even attempted to get a mechanic to look at it. I couldn't fix the problem. Thank God, the mechanic was too busy, I'm broke. I will be calling him back, though ... but probably not this week.

I get paid every other week, unlike most of my prior jobs. I am in a non-payday week. I knew I was low on funds, but I had forgotten one key little bit of information. The last paycheck I received was much smaller than usual, as it's missing a day. We do not get paid for Memorial Day, I could've used a vacation day for it, but chose not to, actually hoping for a "vacation" at some point.

I had to cancel my participation in this weekend's festivities due to lack of air conditioning, and lack of funds, but rescheduled for next weekend. Now, it's looking like that isn't going to happen, either. Almost ALL of the paycheck I receive on Friday (6/21), will have to be reserved for rent (7/1). I don't get paid again until 7/5. [EXPLETIVE!]

I recently found a 2009 Toyota Yaris in Tucson for less than $5,000. My credit sucks, which has been verified by Experian AND CreditKarma. However, I am going to try again, even though I fear the answer. If I get it, I can FINALLY start getting the [EXPLETIVE] out of here once in a while. That would be nice, as I haven't been north of Tucson in well over a year.

You'll either see my victory post (unlikely), or I won't mention it again. At any rate, Happy Father's Day to all you Dads, Daddies, Pops, Papas, Padres, etc.! ;)   Comments?

190614F2243  ¡Feliz Día del Padre! (Happy Father's Day!)

Well, I'm going to do it. No, not THAT ... I don't see THAT happening any time soon, possibly ever. Damn. No, I am going to drive an hour and a half to the Nassau West Embassy in Hereford, AZ, with NO air conditioning in Nassau West Two. ¡Mierda! (That's "Shit!" in the Español, for you "rednecks" and other white folk.)

I am going to go as early as I can (Saturday is the ONLY day where I get to sleep in). Hopefully, it won't be 105°. I want to go early for temperature reasons, as well as trying to get a mechanic to look into my air conditioning issues in Sierra Vista.

Let's hope for the best, it's not getting any cooler!   Comments?

190611C2210  A Couple of Weird Days

I "enjoyed" a "weird" weekend. I fell asleep with my glasses on, which I do not usually do, on Saturday night. When I woke up on Sunday, my glasses were MISSING, THANKS, kitty cat. They were broken.

On Monday (6/10/19), I had to use my "back-up" pair of glasses ... they fell off a table and got run over, and COMPLETELY discombobulated by a swifty-moving, Ernie-operated forklift. Little pieces of plastic prescription lenses are all that remains.

On Monday night, I used some of the "super glue"-type stuff and made the ORIGINAL glasses work again. So far, so good.   Comments?

190609A1446  New Computer, New Phone (and number), Old Problems

No longer able to tolerate my lack of Internet for my laptop, I purchased a prepaid portable WiFi hotspot and plan. This was all necessary because my prepaid (more or less) "unlimited" cell plan through StraightTalk has one limitation; you cannot use your phone as a WiFi hotspot. I can't do my Webmaster duties without Internet access on my laptop.

Less than two weeks after getting back online, I lost the WiFi hotspot, and my Internet access. Then, my laptop fried out unexpectedly with no chance of restoration or data retrieval. Nice. Luckily, I was able to get a new computer (thanks, Dad!), but now I am back to the original problem. I have a computer and no Internet access.

I remembered "the good ol' days" when I had WiFi access through my phone when I had Verizon. My nearly new phone I had with StraightTalk is now a $200 paperweight and I am back with Verizon with a new Motorola z3 phone. I finally have reliable Internet access! ;)   Comments?

Hey, dammit, where's the rest?!!

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